GIVE ME A BEAT! Reality Series 2022

Give me a Beat! is a makeup reality series based on 12 of the best makeup artist from around the world who will be chosen and compete at the chance to become the King or Queen of "The Beats". The contestants will be taken through a series of tasks to complete to move forward and advance. The last two makeup artists will go head to head live to create the ultimate look on the chosen model.  The winner will receive the ultimate grand prize and be crowned the  King or Queen of "The Beat".  For casting dates, times, and how you can get your makeup brand featured in an upcoming episode send an email to



Mic Check (Queen of MC's) has been selected to participate in the 2020 season of the

Hip Hop Film Festival and has been deemed "The Future of Fresh" and hit it out of the park for original

screenplay receiving the distinguished honor of the 24 karat gold laurel.



Mic Check (Queen of MC's) 


Mic Check (Queen of MC 's) is a female driven drama set it the early 90's about Tiana (Sugar T) Perry and Sadie (Slim) Monroe, two legendary underground battle rappers who find their way to stardom while surrounded by unforeseen drama.  Mic Check (Queen of MC 's) is a feature film which will explore the underground hip-hop scene in the early 90's of two women from different sides of the tracks who navigate through life to achieve the goal of being the number one emcee.   
Why tell this story?   
As a former female emcee, I wanted to demonstrate my capabilities as a storyteller and execute a project that speaks of relevancy and volume to today's women in hip-hop through the art of visual storytelling.   

Our mission is to take you back to that moment in hip-hop with nostalgic moments of the hottest 90's trends, music, while demonstrating our capabilities as storytellers.  
What we need   
Mic Check (Queen of MC 's) is the first feature creative project written by BK Screenwriter and your support to reach the production goal. By supporting the campaign you will be helping to secure a film crew, shooting location, food, advertising, and marketing of the 3-5 minute teaser reel to attract investors to complete a proper film to ensure the best finish product that is not only competitive but engaging.   

Past Awards & Nominations   
Mic Check (Queen of MC 's) was nominated for "Best Feature Screenplay" with Prisma Rome Independent Film Awards, Official Selection with Lift-Off Global Session 2019, "Best Feature Screenplay" with the Top Indie Film Awards and currently a Quarter finalist with the Script Lab Screenplay Competition. 



                                                        Capital Fund Screenplay Writer's Interview 2020


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