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MIC CHECK (Queen of MC's)


Two female battle rappers from different sides of the track go head to head and gain stardom.

But when the hip-hop community takes sides and tragedy strikes,  they soon learn,  In the end, there can only be one.


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90's Female Hip-Hop Drama Film needs your support!  






Mic Check (Queen of MC's) is a drama set it the early 90's about Tiana (Sweet Sugar T) and Sadie (Pimp Slim Kream), two underground battle rappers who find their way to stardom while surrounded by unforeseen drama. 


What is Mic Check (Queen of MC'S)? 

Mic Check (Queen of MC's) is a feature film which will explore the underground hip-hop scene in the early  '90s when bars over beauty was respected taking spectators on a journey as the two women from different sides of the tracks navigate through life to achieve the goal of being the number one MC. 


Why tell this story? 

We wanted to demonstrate our capabilities as storytellers and execute a project that speaks of relevancy and volume to today's women in hip-hop through the art of visual storytelling. 


Our Mission/Goal 

Our mission is to take you back to that moment in hip-hop before the over-sexualization with nostalgic moments of the hottest 90's trends such as FUBU, KARL KANI, REEBOK, CROSS COLOURS, and music from classic artists such as REDMAN, CHUBB ROCK, SALT-N- PEPA, YO-YO, MC LYTE,  and many more. And to make this dream a reality we are asking for your help.  Our goal for Mic Check (Queen of MC's) trailer is to compete at prestigious festivals in hopes to create and adapt this proof of concept into a feature film. Post-production is the most important stages to complete a proper film and we want to execute the best finish product that we can to become a com[petitive and engaging piece. 


What we need 

Mic Check (Queen of MC's) is the first creative dramatical project and we have partnered with Lamont "Liquid" Burell, a director with over twenty years of experience and has worked with Rihanna, Alicia Keys and LIFETIME. 
Therefore we would like your support to reach our production goal of $20,000 to produce a trailer to be shot in Brooklyn, NY.  
By supporting our campaign you will not only be helping us reach our goal but will help us employ upcoming actors and aid in securing additional funding with investors to shoot the full feature film. The funds will be used for a film crew, shooting location, wardrobe, food, advertising, and marketing of the 3-5 minute trailer. 


About the writer

The writer behind the project Kathryn L. Scurry (BK Screenwriter) is a multi-award-winning screenwriter who has won awards ranging from "The Diamond Award" to "Honorable Mention". 

BK Screenwriter Official Website 


Past Awards & Nominations 

Mic Check (Queen of MC's) was nominated for "Best Feature Screenplay" with Prisma Rome Independent Film awards.


Donation Perks    

 4141 Productions Inc would like your support to reach our goal and we offer some great perks. Contributors with a contribution of $100 or more are offered an advance screening of the trailer and feature film in addition to a listing as a supporter in the end credits,  an I Support Mic Check (Queen of MC's) limited edition t-shirt designed by BK Screenwriter and Fandemonium Tees. This limited edition tee was designed specifically for this cause and are truly one of a kind.


Available colors: White&Black/Black&Gold/Red&Black/Purple&Gold  
Available sizes: XS/M/L/XL/XXL /XXXL 

 Note: Once the donation has been made please email receipt of donation to 4141Productionswriter@gmail.com and specify color and size. 


4141 Production Inc "Thanks You"

Your donation and share with your network are greatly appreciated.  I know that money can be tight, so please know that even $5 helps us get closer to our goal.  Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll be happy to answer them.  


 Check out our GOFUNDME page to donate.