June's Baby Shower 

(A short film)


What's supposed to be the happiest day of JUNE'S life turns into a nightmare when ANGELICA, her husband BARRY'S mistress shows up and all hell breaks loose.  In this riveting short film of deceit, lust, lies, two women, one man and a secret life, June will learn the true meaning of  "When it rains it pours".





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12:39 minutes are too short a time to live anyone’s life. But, director-writer Kathryn L Scurry manages to bring to screen the life of a woman and her choices. Choices that she has been confronted with, decisions that she had been coerced into taking and how in the web of life, all remain interwoven and interconnected beyond ordinary understanding. The cinematography and editing are good, sporadically. In an attempt to highlight certain moments in June’s life, it flips between hurried shots and slow motions which do break the monotony of the film, but again, demands expert hands.


Where ‘June’s Baby Shower’ does well is in the screenplay. The writing is impactful and the story is compelling. Instead of the usual character arch often times seen onscreen, ‘June’s Baby Shower’ offers a unique, even inspiring narrative that is both original and dramatic.

                                                                                                                          - Indie Shorts Mag


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