Who is BK Screenwriter?

 Kathryn L. Scurry also known as "BK Screenwriter" is a multi-genre screenwriter based in Houston, Texas.

Growing up a native New Yorker, she has always had a taste for the arts dabbling in many different forms ranging from music, pastry arts to poetry.  She is known for her body of works that are making its rounds through film festivals winning several awards ranging from "The Diamond Award" to "Honorable Mentions". 

Kathryn's first project as a writer, producer and cinematographer for "June's Baby Shower" released in (October 2018) has won several awards and secured distribution with "The On Channel".  Her inspiration came from not only wanting to write and self-produce her own films but to also have a platform and distribution outlet.  When asked, what was her secret to starting a project, her response was:

 "You have to believe what you write or no one will believe what they see".

                                                                                                     -BK Screenwriter


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